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Remember we specialize in knife commissions which including working with you to design your own unique knife.

  • An original design by Mammoth Blades, this knife is an everyday carry worn on a lanyard around the neck, named the three finger necker because it sits firmly in three fingers whilst the thumb rests in a recess in the spine, forward of the handle.
  • The handle is hand shaped and finished to fit in the hand comfortably, upon request the handle can be made to suit large or smaller hands.
  • The Three Finger Necker (TFN) has a sharp spine for firesteel striking (Or it can be rounded on request) and manages feather sticks with ease, game dressing or general camp duties.
  • The TFN blade is full tang 3mm high carbon 01 tool steel OR 3.6mm high carbon spring steel 75CR1, both are heat treated and tempered to 58/59 Rc.
  • Blade grinds are single scandi with micro bevel for ease of sharpening.

  • Handle material ranges from micarta, English or other exotic woods, plasticized wood, to your own specification, with a choice of liner colours and all secured with a choice of pins and lanyard tube.
  • All knives come with a hand made unique leather neck sheath, so the knife and sheath are hand made for each other.


The TFN Drop Point (Damascus)

Options include


  • High carbon steel
  • Damascus carbon steel, patterns subject to availability of stock


  • Exquisite selection of stabilized English and world woods
  • Large range of select handle materials including:-
    • Antler
    • Buffalo horn / bone
    • Camel bone
    • Reserve 400 year old English Oak
    • Limited 5200 year old English Bog Oak in black/brown
    • Spalted cross cut English Birch stabilized.

Handle Liners

  • Choice of liners hand cut from vulcanized sheet or hi-impact plastic


  • Huge range of mosaic pins and mosaic lanyard tubes
  • Huge range of pins, nickel silver, brass, loveless / acorn or corby bolts in brass and / or stainless

Lanyard Tube

  • Range of mosaic lanyard tubes
  • Brass or stainless thick wall lanyard tube in various sizes

Three Finger Necker (TFN) prices start at £  (Contact for price) for carbon steel with brass pins and none stabilized woods.

Three Finger Necker (TFN) prices start at £ (Contact for price) for Damascus steel.

Below, a gallery of some TFN’s produced in a variety of blade and handle materials including Damascus / Tool Steel / Spring Steel and with a selection of bog oak handle’s (5000+ years old) very old oak handles (around 500 years old), plasticized English Spalted Birch, with silver / brass pins and stainless / mosaic lanyard tubes.

Each TFN comes with a unique hand made leather neck sheath.