Hi Folks….Made up a folder for my Uncle.
Was his birthday, and being a country gent he required a blade-shaped for the garden veggie’s, plants and general use.
Made from Brass sheet, 01, 4mm brass rod and some burl I had lying around……that’s it, well it’s nice to just make something from what is lying around eh!

Hope you like the photo story.

1 Brass sheet cut into the body of the folder.

2 Blade done (Not sharpened) primed for etching and then heat treatment (Not going to bore you with making a blade).

3 Spine (Spring) made up and tempered.

4 Another shot of blade in better light

5 Folder bodies and scales aligned and resting on the liners

6 liners drilled using scales / body as template

7 Nails / pins holding all three layers together cut scales in half along length

8 Blade etched

9 and again

Image missing

10 One half of the cut brass body / liner / scales

11 Other half

12 Initial shaping of the scales

13 And the other

14 Both sides held together (Not glued just held with the nails / pins)

15 Shape both sides together to ensure even finish

16 The components

17 Pre assembly

18 Buff the end where the blade will be hinged

19 The three main components

20 All components after final fit check

21 Make some pins x 4 that will go from the brass body and out through the scales

22 check snug fit..note they do need to be chamfered at the top, you’ll see why soon

23 All the pins

24 Super glue the pins then quickly move…..

25 To the bench vice and drive them in snugly ensuring the pins are at 90% to the folder body or the liners will not fit….(Remember the pins are facing outwards and the liners will slide onto them)

26 Pins aligned and driven home

27 Grind down INSIDE of pin head and flatten smooth (Do not polish for now)

28 Components of one side…including a more shaped scale

29 Both sides, initial pins fitted and both scales with more shape

30 Now polish the inside of the folder brass body

31 was a bit blurry so omitted

32 Same again in better light

33 and the other side

34 All components

35 Main pins super glued and driven home, cut pins to around 2mm form scales, then gently use a centre punch to open the pins up a little (Do this quickly before the glue sets)
Also ensure you rest the knife on a wood surface….or you’ll dent the bottom scale as you hammer the punch….

36 Initial polish post assembly

37 Grain starting to show

38 Closed

39 and again

40 and again

41 ditto

42 Need to wash hands

43 The scales look rather nice….