Remember we specialize in knife commissions which including working with you to design your own unique knife.

  • One of the latest original designs by Tom Law, the field dressing knife (FDK) is designed with field sports in mind.
  • The blade strikes a nice balance for slicing / carving, yet slim enough for delicate work whilst the handle is heavily shaped to ensure comfort and safety, note the long lower finger guard to maximise safety even when the handle is wet.
  • Being a customer commission the handle material (Antler) is very specific to this customer, hence both the field dresser and grallocher are of the same antler. The antler has also been treated (stabilized and sealed) to ensure compliance with game dressing hygeine standards.
  • The blade is made from high quality carbon steel Damascus, which combines unique beauty with strength and legendary cutting ability.
  • Blade is hand ground and is a full height grind with a micro bevel for ease of sharpening in the field.
  • To accentuate the Damascus steel and antler mosaic pins and mosaic lanyard tube were used, these incorporate stainless steel and brass to give an eye catching finish.
  • Dressing the knife is a hand made sheath designed specifically to meet the customers needs, it had to be a proven design, be hand stitched and have redundancy in keeping the knife secure, hence two bronzed heavy poppers and studs.
  • The field grallocher knife (FGK) was made as the sister knife to the field dressing knife and utilizes the same materials in it’s construction.
  • Challenging in design, the grip can be used for game dressing of both field hung or laid game, in that the knife sits in the hand comfortable and safely with the blade up or down.
  • One more challenge was loss of a previous grallocher, so a rather bright orange ‘no-loss / see-me’ Kydex sheath was made and tethered to the knife to ensure it will not be left behind, fortunately game such as deer cannot see colours (such as bright orange).

Options include


  • High carbon steel
  • Damascus carbon steel, patterns subject to availability of stock


  • Exquisite selection of stabilized English and world woods
  • Large range of select handle materials including:-
    • Antler
    • Buffalo horn / bone
    • Camel bone
    • Reserve 400 year old English Oak
    • Limited 5200 year old English Bog Oak in black/brown
    • Spalted cross cut English Birch stabilized.

Handle Liners

  • Choice of liners hand cut from vulcanized sheet or hi-impact plastic


  • Huge range of mosaic pins and mosaic lanyard tubes
  • Huge range of pins, nickel silver, brass, loveless / acorn or corby bolts in brass and / or stainless

Lanyard Tube

  • Range of mosaic lanyard tubes
  • Brass or stainless thick wall lanyard tube in various sizes

Field Dressing Knife (FDK) prices start at £ (Contact for price) for carbon steel.

Field Grallocher knife (FGK) prices start at £ (Contact for price) for carbon steel

Pictured below one of our game dressing blades and the field grallocher blade.