New Design Field Dressing Knife and Fox Caller

Deer Knife – Specifically for dressing deer in the field (Gralloching).

Images are NOT of the NEW ‘Deer Field Knife’ Designated Mammoth Blades ‘DFK’ – IMAGES TO FOLLOW

As a keen deerstalker, I have already made a knife that does the job admirably.
But! Always keen to improve what can be improved, there have been times when I have thought, it would be so much better if the knife did ‘this’, or was changed to make ‘that’ easier.

Over the years I have saved these nice to have changes.
After months on the drawing board and a couple of years of field testing, I believe I have a knife design that makes field dressing deer safer and easier.

Safer for the user, firmer grip when held in various positions, specifically gralloching.
also safer in terms of carcass damage, ask any stalker, piercing the gut or rumen is a no, no.
Easier! Gives the user more confidence, which in turn increases safety.
Speeds up the process!

For me, an easy to hold filleting knife that will not puncture the gut, easy to use blind.

Fox Caller

Did not use a fox caller for the first twenty years of fox control, when I started you squeaked using the palm of the hand, it still brings them in a treat.
However! I thought I’d try a caller.

As it stands I’ve tried loads of callers, the metal ones are ok but you really need to keep them warm, they are hung around the neck exposed to the elements.
On a frozen evening or morning, wow, it can really catch you off guard when the frozen metal touches your front teeth, it is like an ice-cream brain freeze, ouch.

The plastic variants are better, no brain freeze, but, I do resent paying top dollar for a piece of plastic, the plastic ones are £10 to £15, the SAME price as stainless.
This tells me the folks selling the plastic ones are making a HUGE profit, I am all for making a ‘reasonable’ profit but, come on folks.

Also, the plastic fox calls tend to be black, green or some other camouflaged colour, why? They are impossible to find (Discreetly) when out in the field and it makes absolutely no difference to a fox if the fox caller is camouflaged!

So what would ‘you’ be content with in terms of a fox caller?
My own shopping list comprises of:

  • It must work (Obviously).
  • If dropped it must be easy to find.
  • It must be durable.
  • The cost must be reasonable (Read LESS than £10).
  • IT MUST BE MADE IN BRITAIN, not supplied from Britain, ‘made in Britain’.
  • Personally, I prefer hand made items, there is more heart and soul put into something hand-made rather than mass/machine produced.