Tom only makes his knives and other goods from the best carbon Damascus or hi-carbon steels, knives are handmade (Not hand assembled) which means they are not laser CNC cut or imported partially finished, then hand assembled.

Blades are hand forged or hand cut from billet, then hand ground and finished, sheaths are also handmade specifically for each knife.

The woods used are primarily select English species from carefully sourced tree stock, we never cut a healthy tree. We do stock world woods, all from sustainable sources. Vulcanized or hi-impact liners are then combined with highly figured and/or coloured natural or stabilized (In-house stabilized) woods, antler, horn or man-made materials and laminates, which in turn are secured with mosaic, brass, copper, stainless or silver steel pins or bolts and lanyard tubes, this ensures a unique combination can be offered with that special truly handmade, unique feel.

The range incorporates Field & Game, the Grallocher, the Bushman, Huntsman, Nessmuk, ‘Utility No4’ and the popular compact three finger neck (TFN) knife. Blades are hand cut from original patterns, as they are hand cut, be assured that each blade will retain it’s own unique character, never the same as the next knife.

We specialize in commissions, working with you to create something unique, that will serve you for a lifetime.

What makes Tom at Mammoth Blades different?

….specialize in commissions, working with our customer to create something unique, that will serve them for a lifetime.

Tom Law (Mammoth blades, 1998)

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